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NI Days 2016 conjure up lots to think about for 2017!

It was a great NI Days this year in London, lots of fantastic examples of NI’s hardware and software platforms being put to use to solve some challenging issues. The Engineering Impact Awards, hosted the evening before NI Days demonstrates some of these, but a standout one for Chris was the use of LabVIEW to develop a prototype system for assisting people suffering from facial paralysis which was absolutely fascinating and could prove to be a key development for the future.

It was also great to have a glimpse of what the next generation of LabVIEW will look like. NI have diverted from the traditional look and feel of LabVIEW and taken on a tabular approach to navigation and the idea of panes like Visual Studio to perform edits and view the DAQ available. This is actually available to download for all SSP subscribers so go and take a look to see what you think! One of the highlights of the next generation LabVIEW is the flexibility to have LabVIEW applications running on mobile devices which could potentially expand its use.

A final note from the day was the introduction of the community track, this was bought on board through members of the LabVIEW community suggesting the addition to NI for a number of years. This element consisted of a number of presentations from User Groups around the UK and was based on content voted for by the User Groups. It is the first time this has been integrated into NI Days and it was a fantastic success. This was emphasised by the fact that halfway through the day it had to swap rooms due to the capacity of the original room not being big enough to handle demand! Chris caught the session by Chris Roebuck on the use of VI scripting in LabVIEW and that exposed him to functionality that he had not got much experience with, which he felt could be valuable in the future.

All of the presentations from the day can be found here.

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