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Who is joining us for the next MLUG?

It is almost time for our next Midlands LabVIEW User Group - save space in your diary on Wednesday 9th March from 1pm! 

Whilst the COVID-19 situation is abating, we have made the decision to continue with our virtual events. One of these days we will get back to face to face - we will keep our fingers crossed for the Summer! 

We have three very experienced LabVIEW experts joining us, it's great to have them taking part and you really won't want to miss out on their presentations. 

Firstly we have Tom McQuillan who is a chartered engineer, and LabVIEW Champion specialising in LabVIEW software development. He works as a software engineer, creating microscopy software in LabVIEW, and runs his own LabVIEW YouTube channel – Tom’s LabVIEW Adventure. His journey with LabVIEW started whilst working for a test and measurement company. This role included developing test systems using LabVIEW and NI hardware for the defence, aerospace and automotive industries.

During his studies at university, Tom worked for a software contractor, where he helped develop software frameworks and bespoke desktop and embedded software applications. After graduating with a Masters’ degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with distinction, Tom's experience well equipped him for his role at NI, where he gained Certified LabVIEW Architect status, taught LabVIEW courses and supported customers creating LabVIEW applications. This led to his current role, writing software for the neuroscience industry.

Tom will be presenting 'State of Grace' - here's what to expect.

When developing code, it’s typical to be told a certain operation must always occur. That is until the customer remembers about several exceptions, several weeks into development. Whether or not we want to, we can of course handle these exceptions with decision making logic (selects, case structures, and dynamic dispatch).  But how do we handle the gotchas gracefully? How can we make the software alter its behaviour (furthermore its identity) when different conditions are met?

During this presentation, we’ll go through what states are, state implementation, and why state machines aren’t what they say they are. Also, let’s have some fun with classes, interfaces, and actor framework!

Then we have Sam Sharp, R&D Software Manager (LabVIEW) at Agilent Molecular Spectroscopy. Sam is very well known in the LabVIEW community with lots of experience and is very active as a LabVIEW Champion. He is a CLA, CLED and CTD, a highly skilled LabVIEW software engineer, we can't wait to hear all of his experience!

Sam will be presenting "Extending your test capability...automated GUI testing with LabVIEW". Here's what he's going to be talking about:

The LabVIEW community has more automated testing capabilities than ever before with increased adoption of unit testing, VI analyser and continuous integration. In this presentation we'll take this a step further and look at how you can use industry-standard software testing tools to automate testing of your build LabVIEW applications. This can significantly reduce manual test time and increase quality through fewer regression defects.

Graphic showing 4 components of UI testing

And last but definetely not least we are delighted to include Ajay in our line-up. Ajay is a Lead Software Engineer with Valeo Vision Systems and a professional developer and architect of NI-LabVIEW applications. He has a strong interest in getting hardware connected to LabVIEW, and automating it.  Recently he has also been getting involved in NI-TestStand. 

Ajay will present 'Integrate LabVIEW with Python to access SaaS Services', this will lead nicely on from the introduction to Python and LabVIEW at our previous MLUG and expand this topic into an interesting area. As Ajay identifies, the world is becoming bombarded with SaaS services and it’s time to connect LabVIEW to the SaaS world. Most of the SaaS services provide a Python API, and integrating Python API to LabVIEW is gradually becoming the norm. Ajay will introduce us to SaaS, and talk about how we can integrate LabVIEW with SaaS services with a producer-consumer loop in the python layer.

Python and LabVIEW logos with arrows between showing links between both.

So if that all sounds interesting then book your spot now. There are no limits on numbers, but you do need to register to receive the event link. As well as great content you are also eligible for National Instruments recertification points - win win!

We hope to see you there!

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