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Another Awesome Autumn MLUG!

We had another great virtual event for our Autumn Midlands LabVIEW User Group, with an audience of new and exisiting MLUGers joining us from various locations around the globe. They all dialled in to watch and listen to some great presentations. Unfortunately one of our presenters was unable to join us, which meant that our other presentations were perhaps a little more in depth than first planned, with the ability to answer a few more questions than normal.

Natan Biesmans opened up the meeting, joining us from Belgium where he is a LabVIEW R&D Architect working for Qplox Engineering. His presentation was "Writing LabVIEW apps on Android and IOS" and this built upon a presentation he gave earlier in the year for DUTLUG. Natan gave some great real life examples of applications you can apply around your own home. He led us through the process of creating a simple application for Android with LabVIEW, I wonder how many have gone away and put Natan's tips in to practice?!

It was great to have something a little different at MLUG, very much on the hobbiest side of things, but very professionally setup by Natan, we are looking at our old phones in a whole new light now! Natan has very kindly shared a load of code and information for you to get started from, you can download it from here.

We were also delighted to welcome Luis Peluso who is a Lead Software Test Engineer at Ei Electronics in Ireland. Luis talked to the group about TestStand which is a great tool for making life a lot easier when integrating and debugging tests for production. His presentation "Modularization With TestStand User Interface" went in to detail about the approach Luis has been involved in for standardising the software used for EI's automated test software.

Luis shared the components that make up their software architecture with a combination of LabVIEW and TestStand. One of the points for discussion during the meeting, which is common around this theme, was the investment in the licenses for TestStand and how to justify them. The summary around this was that if you are in a build to print type environment, in other words the test equipment has limited changes from one set to the next, TestStand investment is more easily justified. For one off test systems it seems to be more difficult to build it into the cost of a system.

If you missed the event, then you can now catch up via our YouTube channel where you will find the recordings of the presentations. You can also find our previous event recordings so can and have a look and see if there's anything else you like the look of! 

Our next event is scheduled for Wednesday 9th February 2022, from 1pm UK Time. At the moment we are unsure of whether this will be a virtual or in person event and will be making that decision closer to the time. If you would like to present, or have an area that you would like us to cover (we can't guarantee it for February but will add it to our list) then please do get in touch with us. 

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