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Anyone up for an action packed Autumn MLUG?

It's hard to believe that three months have passed since our last event, but here we are a month away from our next! It's taking place on Wednesday 6th October from 1pm UK Time, it's going to be a virtual one again. Whilst restrictions have lifted in the UK, we still have high COVID-19 case numbers and the general consensus is for us to stick with what we have been doing for now. Perhaps February 2022 will be our first in person event for 2 years - here's keeping our fingers crossed for that!

So, as always we have a great line up with speakers dialling in from a range of different locations to speak to us which is fantastic. 

First up is Natan Biesmans, who is a LabVIEW R&D Architect working for Qplox Engineering in Belgium. He is going to be sharing his hints, tips and experience of "Writing LabVIEW apps on Android and IOS". Natan will share some ideas for applications you can apply around your house, making sure to use license free software and making use of cheap, but effective, hardware. He will go through the process of making a simple application in Android with LabVIEW, and put some focus on building the applications up to give you something to try yourself, a bit of MLUG homework!

We are also delighted to welcome Ramesh Kannan, a regular attendee of MLUG but a first time presenter for our event. Ramesh is a Technical Lead at Valeo, working with them in India. With 12 years of LabVIEW experience within the automotive, medical and power systems domains, we are looking forward to his presentation. Ramesh will be presenting "Automotive Ethernet and Rest Bus Simulation in LabVIEW", this is the first of its kind in industry and uses Akka Technologies RBS toolkit. It is widely used in testing of Cameras and ECUs with the Automotive Ethernet communication protocal. We are excited to see how the AKKA toolkit is being used in what Ramesh will present, we love to hear about how LabVIEW is being applied to industry.

Last, but definetely not least, Luis Peluso will be joining us. Luis is a Lead Software Test Engineer at Ei Electronics in Ireland. He has been working with test development since 2010, when he used to work for the aerospace institute in Brazil. After that he was involved in research at Stony Brook University (USA) and then worked at Valeo Vision Systems (Ireland). Having graduated in Electrical Engineering, Luis is currently a Meng. Candidate in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (ITSligo - batch 2022). Luis is curious about testing and instrumentation methodologies, and is also an NI enthusiast, holding CLA, and CPI badges.

Luis will be presenting "Modularization With TestStand User Interface". TestStand is an effective, practical test executive system, which makes the test engineer’s life much easier when integrating and debugging tests for production. The necessity to have a custom, modular user interface comes from production line requirements, where the process is semi-automatic, and operators are used to “turn-key” solutions. Another requirement to keep things simple so that learning to use the tool is not a significant task for the test technicians that develop tests and maintenan the lines. The modular User Interface that will be presented uses TestStand API and QMH architecture in LabVIEW to call test sequences and display results for the line operators. The creation of the module helped in accelerating the test engineering development because it utilised TestStand, meaning the user interface is exactly the same as they are already used to.

This is an event which is suitable for all levels of LabVIEW knowledge, it's free to attend, and recertification points are awarded for attendance so it's a win all round! Registration is open, so feel free to sign up so that we can send you the meeting link. If you know anyone else who may be interested then please share.

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