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A Super Summer MLUG

Well, what a great Midlands LabVIEW User Group (again)! Once more we had an international field of speakers and attendees, the fact that MLUG has managed to reach so far, and so wide, is something that we are very proud of. Whilst we didn't really want the pandemic that created that demand, it's something that we will take and run with. We do hope that we will return to in person events at some point in the future, but can also see the benefit of the virtual element, and where possible we will continue to integrate that. 

Anyway, back to the meeting. We kicked off with Luis Noites, he joined us from Portugal where he works with many different technologies as part of his role within the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Porto. Luis talked us through everything Python related, including the different libraries and the ways in which you can get started with Python in LabVIEW. It was great to have such a practical session where a number of different Python functions were deomonstrated from FFTs to image processing. It generated a lot of questions, which is one of the signs of a good presentation. The fact that we learnt that Python was named after Monty Python because its creator Guido van Rossum liked the Flying Circus series, kind of made our day!

Luis has very kindly shared his presentation with us for you to (re)view.

Next up was Adam Todd, who is a research scientist at CPI in the UK. Fairly new to LabVIEW, Adam talked the group through the ways in which LabVIEW was being used within CPI and particularly focusing on an instrument which is controlled through LabVIEW MicroSTAR. This was the first time LabVIEW MicroSTAR had been on the agenda at MLUG so it was interesting to find out more. There are so many weird and wonderful ways that LabVIEW is used throughout industry and at CPI this is no different. Formulations is where Adam's focus is, and we heard all about the activities he is involved in around this subject at CPI and how LabVIEW is used on some of the machines that help him out with that.

And finally, we headed stateside and were joined by Mark Ridgley, who is owner of Radius Teknologies, LLC. Mark covered many different areas of Error Handling in LabVIEW as part of his presentation with lots of practical application which is always a benefit for us to see. There is quite a bit to error handling, as we saw from Mark's presentation. Loads of helpful tips in there relating to the aspect of an application that is so important to support debugging, usability and general assistance in problem solving. The Structured Error Handler, a reference library to support error handling, is definitely something we will be looking into!


Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th October from 1pm UK Time, whilst restrictions have lifted in the UK we will confirm nearer the time whether this will be an in person or virtual event. We do have two speakers already lined up, and we are looking forward to being able to share further information from them soon. Registration is already up, so feel free to sign up

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