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Cracking Line-up for the Autumn MLUG revealed!

Our Summer Midlands LabVIEW User Group was a great success with our first venture in to the world of virtual events! We will be following the same format for our next User Group which is taking place on Wednesday 14th October from 12.45pm. So wherever you are in the world, come and join us for a great set of presenters and LabVIEW chat.

This time we have three very experienced presenters, in no particular order:

Becky Linton - Konrad Technologies

Practical Techniques for Gathering and Managing System Requirements


Having well-defined requirements at the beginning of a project can help pave the road to success. Stop trying to guess what you think your customer wants and start writing unambiguous requirements that are both verifiable and traceable. Learn more about requirements traceability and how it helps project management, regulatory compliance and even improves software quality.


Becky Linton is a LabVIEW Champion and Certified LabVIEW Architect with twenty years of LabVIEW programming experience.  She holds a B.S. Electrical Engineering from Kettering University.  While a student, she worked as a co-op for GM Product Development and completed her thesis with UPS.  Upon graduation, Becky worked as an Applications Engineer and District Sales Manager for National Instruments.  She currently holds the position of Senior Systems Engineer/Engineering Group Manager at NI Platinum Alliance Partner, Konrad Technologies.  She has been married for almost 15 years to a wireless network architect, Jon, and they have two children, Joey, 12, and Libby, 10, two dogs, Jack and Mars, a gerbil, Fawn, and 3 tanks full of fish.  She works extensively with her children's school district, tutoring math, coordinating FIRST robotics programs and managing the highly capable program.  She also coaches an FLL Challenge team, 46041, the FLL Chickens.  Cub Scouts, BSA Scouts, 4H and swimming fill her evenings and weekends.  In her rare spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading and crafting.

John Medland - The University of Manchester

User Events - the worst named feature in LabVIEW?


In spite of their name, User Events provide many useful features that go way beyond simulating user interaction with the front panel. This talk takes a look at how User Events can be a very handy tool for all sorts of messaging use cases.


An electronic engineer and CLA who enjoys building tools for scientific discovery and loves the chance to collaborate, share his knowledge and learn something new.

Neil Pate 

Implementing a simple actor framework from an empty block diagram


This presentation will take the viewer through the creation of a simple but effective and scalable actor type framework starting with a blank diagram. The concepts of a User Event based message system will be introduced from first principles and step by step the design will be iterated. Along the way we will create a few useful actors. The technique presented is a simplification of an architecture that has successfully been used on many LabVIEW projects of all sizes.This presentation has nothing to do with The NI Actor Framework.


Born and educated to Masters in Electronic Engineering level in Durban, South Africa. Moved to the UK in 2003 and stumbled upon LabVIEW and been in love ever since. Worked in a variety of industries including Formula 1, Aerospace and Semiconductors. Started freelance LabVIEW consulting in 2007 and continue to this day.

So, if this sounds like a great afternoons worth of entertainment then get signed up so you can receive the access details when they are released. 

It is a free event and you don't have to be a LabVIEW expert to join us, we are open to anyone who has an interest in LabVIEW at whatever level. Spread the MLUG word and lets make our Autumn event another great one!

Any questions please do just get in touch.

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