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Argenta’s Managing Director, Chris Woodhams, is a Winner!

It was a big surprise when Chris got an email from National Instruments in May to advise that he had been nominated in the ‘User Group Outstanding Leader’ category for 2019. It was perhaps an even greater surprise, yet a great honour, just a few days later to win the award at NI Week in Texas, USA. With a little artistic license Chris managed to “make it” to NI Week 2019 to have his picture with the award! Thanks Joerg for picking it up in person and to Steve for safely returning it to the UK and to the Argenta offices.

So what was it for? The category was designed by National Instruments to give recognition to those within the community who are involved in delivering User Groups (UG's). This award was specifically for ‘an individual who has done an incredible job facilitating a successful user group… someone with strong business acumen, influential, and enthusiastic and dedicated to supporting others and the mission of the user group’ (National Instruments).

User Group Outstanding Leader Award 2019

There are many UG’s operating across the world including a small number in the UK. The purpose of these are to share information with other LabVIEW users, usually consisting of presentations from guest speakers.

The Midlands LabVIEW User Group was conceived by Chris following months of considering how to best share practice, ask questions of other community members and also develop a network. This all came to fruition on 10th October 2014 when the first MLUG was held at Argenta’s offices with 12 attendees. As we finish the 5th year of hosting MLUG we can reflect on the vast number of presenters we have welcomed, the different organisations that we have been fortunate to be able to visit and the increase of attendee pool to 120. At each meeting we are now getting up to 30 members of the community joining us, many of which return time after time.

So, to say that Chris is proud of what MLUG has achieved is an understatement but to be recognised by National Instruments on such a large scale, and up against other leaders in the community, is a real honour. But, as Chris points out, he can’t do it alone. ‘Without the support of those who attend and those who agree to present, MLUG wouldn’t be where it is now, and that is therefore invaluable’.

Our next MLUG will be hosted by CU Coventry, we have a great venue with lots of space (and a light lunch provided!) for all to come and join us. The event is open to all levels of LabVIEW knowledge, we welcome everyone from students who are being introduced to it as part of their degree to those who are CLA’s and beyond. It is taking place on 2nd October from 12.45pm, we have James McNally from Wiresmith Technology talking to us about getting started with OOP and Chris is going to be talking about successful project completion. The degree students from CUC will also be presenting one of their projects, so lots of learning available all round!

All of our events are free to attend we just ask that you register so we ensure that we have enough seats and biscuits! To do that, visit our website and sign up.

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