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Supporting the growth of aerospace through the MAA Supply Chain Performance Group (SCPG)

Argenta has been a member of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA) since 2014 and has enjoyed the benefits from both sponsoring and attending the MAA’s conferences and other events, as well as being part of a strong supply chain network of companies in aerospace.

Following the MAA Conference this year our managing director, Chris Woodhams, vowed to get more involved in the MAA. Globally, aerospace is enjoying rapid growth, and here in the Midlands alone, the sector has a very strong supply chain, with many businesses that have been producing parts and components for the world’s aircraft for decades.

Membership of an alliance like the MAA is always a two-way thing: you have to put in the effort and actively participate in order to reap the benefits from being a part of the group. And having recently attended a MAA event related to making the most of your membership, this further enforced the drive to get more involved. This led to Chris attending his first meeting of the Supply Chain Performance Group in the middle of May.

It was great to hear about what the group had been recently involved in and the ambitions for the future. The group reviewed some really interesting projects as part of the DRAMA programme, which is focused on delivering innovation in Additive Manufacturing.

Technology is one of the driving forces behind the growth in aerospace, and as a technology company ourselves we are keen to be a part of this. For example, we have given engineers access to a broader range of test capability and data through developing test and control software using National Instruments hardware and software within the inflight refuelling and engine fuel control systems areas of the industry. For more information, check out our case studies.

We recognise that there are lots of opportunities for companies across all areas of the industry to feed into the aerospace supply chain and we feel it’s important that SMEs in the sector get involved to promote the sector, and ensure that the aerospace supply chain, particularly in the Midlands, continues to prosper. This brings economic benefit to our region, creates skilled jobs, and maintains our engineering excellence and expertise, which is renowned worldwide.

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